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MOSART: Misconception Oriented Standards-based Assessment Resource for Teachers

image for project MOSART: Misconception Oriented Standards-based Assessment Resource for Teachers This MSP RETA project will develop a set of comprehensive subject matter assessment tools that can function as diagnostic tools to identify teachers' strength and weaknesses across grade levels. The assessment items will measure the extent to which teachers and students have mastery of the K-12 NRC Content Standards and the AAAS Benchmarks in Physical Science and Eartha nd Space Science. The application of psychometric models aligned with cognitive research findings will be used to establish scales and substests that accurately guage scientific understanding needed for teaching pre-college science courses. The assessment items will be reviewed by science faculty to ensure validity.

The project will work with MSP Institutes both as a technical assistance project and as a site for research.

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The Influence of Teachers' Knowledge on Student Learning in Middle School Physical Science Classrooms

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MOSART: From MSP to Teacher to Student

"This session focuses on two sets of research findings: [1] The effects of MSP institutes on teachers' subject matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge and [2] the effects of teacher…

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