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Harold Coyle



  • Higher Ed: Science, Researcher 


Harold Coyle earned a B.S. in earth science in 1974 from Framingham State College, with which he has maintained an ongoing relationship as an officer of the college's original alumni board, a member of its board of trustees, and since 1997 as a visiting lecturer in meteorology. Mr. Coyle taught earth science, physics and his own astronomy course at North High School in Framingham, MA, from 1974 to 1989. In 1986 Coyle was selected as a member of the original pilot teacher group to develop the high school astronomy course "Project STAR." After a sabbatical at the CfA in 1987-88, Coyle joined the fledgling Science Education Dept. in 1989 as a technical writer and astronomy education specialist. Since then he has managed curriculum development projects (IMAGE and DESIGNS) and science assessment projects (NASA Forum Astronomy/Space Science Assessment Project, MOSART and SPARCS). Coyle enjoys travel--which always involves collecting geological samples and photography--having visited all 50 states and has served as a delegation leader for high school science students in People to People Youth Science Exchanges to China, the Soviet Union and Australia. 


science education, earth sciences with focus on astronomy and meteorology, technical writing 


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